Southwest Vacation Day 4: Arches National Park

June 10, 2012

We explored Arches National Park today.

The first trail we did was from Wolfe Ranch to Delicate Arch, a formation that has become an icon of Utah. The trail is 3 miles round trip, though we did make it a little longer to recover a dropped lens cap.

Amber in the arch:

Amber and Andy in the arch:

This is a picture to the right of the arch. The rock forms a large bowl shape that Amber accidentally dropped our lens cap down. We found our way down there eventually and recovered the lens cap.

This is a picture from the bottom of the bowl looking up at Delicate Arch:

A picture of Andy looking for the lens cap:

Some petroglyphs on a rock wall near Wolfe Ranch:

The next trail(s) we did totaled around 8 miles. Some of the best hiking of our trip. We covered every trail you see in this picture except the .2 mile trail that takes you to Partition Arch.

Landscape Arch:

These formations are called the Fins because they are long and narrow like shark fins sticking up out of the ground:

Double O Arch. If you look closely you can see there is a second, smaller arch under the big one:

Private Arch:

Just a rock balancing precariously we encountered on the primitive trail:


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